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SHABAKA by ~ yangzeninja

Shabaka was Piankhi’s brother. He became pharaoh of Egypt and Kush after Piankhi died. He was probably crowned at Napata. When the Egyptian princes of northern Egypt revolted, he reinvaded Egypt and made Memphis his capital. Because Shabaka was the first of the Kushite kings to make Egypt his home, later generations believed that he was the founder of the Nubian (25th) Dynasty of Egypt. During his reign, he undertook some building projects. The Fourth Pylon at Karnak has an inscription that tells of his restoration of the gate. He also started work on the second pylon in front of the temple of Thutmose III at Medinet Habu. Shabaka’s sister, Amunirdis I held a position that was very important politically as well as religiously. She was called “god’s wife of Amun" at Thebes. Her funerary temple was at Medinet Habu and was in front of the temple of Ramesses III. Though Piankhi chose to govern from Kush, Shabaka instead completed the total reunification of Egypt and ruled from Waset.
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